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Time to prosecute and jail the “TOO BIG TO Fail”? Home / Time to prosecute and jail the “TOO BIG TO Fail”?

Time to prosecute and jail the "TOO BIG TO Fail"?
  • 27 -Apr

Time to prosecute and jail the “TOO BIG TO Fail”?

Well -well -well We are now learning how the corrupt banking cartel that created the Global Financial Crisis back in 2008 has also infected Australia’s banking system. This is being exposed in the Royal Commission investigation into our Banks behaviour. We all learnt that the criminal Banksters in London and America who perpetrated this criminal activity did not go to jail. Individuals and the Banking industry who brought the world to their knees financially were not prosecuted or jailed but as a whole received taxpayers money in bailouts to save the bankrupt banks and 12 months later gave themselves a bonus. No one was prosecuted for their crimes. It shows the world that if you break the law as an individual you will have the book thrown at you but if you are a corporation or a collective body of people breaking the law you are given a free pass. 10 years later the banksters are doing it all over again but this time we are learning about their dishonest fraudulent behaviour. Will the political class give this dishonest group a get out of jail card? Time will tell. It is time to open up the financial markets to a wide variety of lending facilities and not allow it to be controlled by one group of bankster’s they have shown the world they can not be trusted. The only country that jailed these criminal banksters was Iceland. Time to back our currency with GOLD and do away with the FIAT monetary system.

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