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  • 25 -Aug

Things Brett Halvorson & Associates Does Differently from the Rest

With Western Australia’s commercial property market continuing to perform well, it’s easy to see why real estate firms enjoy considerable demand for their services. A strong commercial real estate industry offers exciting opportunities for both service providers and clients.

A steady flow of clients would certainly put real estate professionals on their toes in order to fulfil what is required of them. While we at Brett Halvorson & Associates welcome the opportunity to do business with every potential client, we tackle things differently from how our competitors would. Here are three qualities that separate us from the rest:

We consider the unique requirements of every project.

Working with multiple clients simultaneously can take its toll on most realtors, but not in our case. Indeed, this challenge is something we welcome. While other companies may opt to create a “one-size, fits all” solution, we believe that each client has different needs. To this end, we provide custom solutions that best meet those requirements.

Empathy is in our DNA.

One can hardly make a well-informed decision about whether to buy or lease a commercial property merely by looking at the numbers. Our clients are real people, after all, so we put ourselves in their shoes first and foremost. To come up with customised solutions, we set aside all the technical jargon and focus on the results clients expect to see. This way, we are able to see what they require and know what they need so we can provide a solution that will really work best for them.

Professionalism is our priority.

For every client who signs up, we make every effort not only to find the most ideal solutions but also treat the project as if it were our own. We apply utmost professionalism to every project, making sure to accomplish everything that’s necessary with honesty and integrity.

We are not your run-of-the-mill commercial real estate firm. To find out more about our services, give us a ring at 61-89246-5469 or e-mail us at bhalvorson@iinet.net.au.

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