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Having investment property in Perth that you can rent out can be an excellent source of profit. Managing properties, however, can be a time-consuming task, making it arduous to effectively handle other investments, a full-time job, or even activities of daily living.

Why get stressed over mounds of paperwork and a seemingly endless array of tenant concerns when you can have professionals manage your property? Forget about having to chase down tenants for rent or having to wake up for a midnight emergency—a commercial property management company can do these, and more, for you.

Brett Halvorson & Associates understands the struggles of investment property owners. We know that maintaining the condition and use of a commercial property can be a complex process, which is why we designed our services to efficiently monitor, maintain, and make all the aspects of your investment property accounted for.

The Brett Halvorson & Associates Advantage

With our help, you can avoid stress as well as have freedom to invest without the need to live nearby or be on-call for any situation that may arise in the property. Aside from the personal benefits in having a dedicated investment property manager, you can also enjoy other important business advantages.

The success in being a landlord pretty much rests on your ability in handling rent collection and late payments. With property management professionals helping you out, you can ensure that the rent is collected consistently.

Keeping tenants well-cared for and satisfied can save you money in the long run. A high turnover tenant rate means that there are more cleaning, repairs, renovations, marketing, screening, and settling to be done. Our experts can help you avoid losing tenants through proactive management.

Filling vacancies are seldom the problem of owners who opt for commercial property management.

Our team can prepare and improve the property for lease, determine the most competitive rent rate, and aggressively market your property. We’ll make sure that tenants in your property will have a lengthy stay.   

The services of Brett Halvorson & Associates can also draw higher quality tenants to your commercial property. Our meticulous screening process enables us to find tenants who will rent for a longer period, take care of the unit for lease, make payments on time, and have good reputation. 

Get in touch with one of our commercial property management specialists in Perth, WA today and watch your investments prosper! Call us today at 0414 753 232.

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