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Leasing your commercial property is a challenge; while you want to make a profit out of the arrangement, you need to be reasonable enough to appeal to the right tenants. Moreover, you need to have a keen understanding of your prospective lessees, so that you can choose only the most reliable tenants to rent the properties. If you feel that you could use some professional help leasing your properties, enlist the aid of Brett Halvorson & Associates. The specialist has experience handling commercial property for lease in the Perth region.

Brett Halvorson and Associates provide professional advice and expertise when considering leasing your commercial property. You can trust our knowledge and experience to help you make the most out of your leasing arrangements and turn in profit.

Commercial leasing involves many aspects. Implementing a sound and cost effective marketing campaign to attract and secure a quality Tenant that benefits the lessor and his investment property is crucial. The right calibre of tenant with the financial stability to pay the rent adds to the financial security of the landlord and the continued viability of the lessors asset.

Multi tenanted properties, in particular retail properties, are vital to get the tenancy mix correct for the ongoing viability of the complex/property which in turn takes care of the lessors asset. It can be difficult to strike a good balance in tenancy without an intimate understanding of the leasing process. If you own commercial retail and/or commercial industrial spaces, the process of finding tenants becomes even harder. Allow us to share with you our know-how so that you can maximise your asset.

Our Advantages

Brett Halvorson & Associates works its hardest to ensure that your commercial properties are leased by responsible and reputable tenants. With us as your partner, we will treat your property as if it were ours, and we will strive to fulfil your property’s tenancy.

A commercial property without proper leasing arrangements is as good as losing money. Do not risk falling short on your investment. Consult with the professionals and obtain the return your property can achieve in today’s volatile market. With over 25 years of experience handling commercial properties for lease in Perth and the surrounding locales, you can trust Brett Halvorson & Associates to find suitable tenants for your building.

Brett Halvorson & Associates is a commercial real estate specialist that serves the Greater Western Australia region, particularly areas around and within Perth. We handle the sales, leasing, and management of commercial real estate. For more information about our services, or if you have any questions for us, you may call us at 0414 753 232 or visit our contact us page and submit an accomplished web form.