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Proactive Property Management For 2017
  • 16 -Jan

Proactive Property Management For 2017

We are looking forward to a very interesting year and believe there will be opportunities in the property market for those not highly geared. For those over exposed financially they will be forced to reduce debt and unencumber their investment property to ride through the turbulent times ahead. Through sound and proactive property management we have been working with our clients and their tenants to ease costs steam line tenants operations and reassess rentals in line with the new current market. This approach is assisting tenants to remain in their tenancy working through the hard economic times and continuing to pay their rental and outgoings to the lessors. We are very eager to grow our property management department and assist property owners in securing their investment portfolio for the years ahead. Should you be aware of a friend,colleague or associate in need of honest commercial property advice feel free to recommend our company and email our contact details to them. Brett Halvorson & Associates Member of REIWA Commercial/ Industrial Property m: 0414753 232 e: Bhalvorson@iinet.net.au http://brett.vps1350.tmdvps.com In appreciation for a Property Management referral which results in a new management to our firm we would be happy to provide a Free “Property Appraisal” valued at $650 to assist you at your next Tax period.

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