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Perth Commercial Property: Making Storage More Enticing to Businesses Home / Perth Commercial Property: Making Storage More Enticing to Businesses

Perth Commercial Property: Making Storage More Enticing to Businesses
  • 8 -Jul

Perth Commercial Property: Making Storage More Enticing to Businesses

Many businesses in Perth need to rent or lease commercial property storage units for a variety of reasons. Some may require them during expansion when they’re temporarily overstocked, some take advantage of the short-term lease as they’re relocating or renovating, whilst others simply want more floor space for office work. Meanwhile, some online retailers need to lease product warehouses for order fulfilment.

If you own a self-storage facility, there are things you must consider before serving the commercial market. Business looks promising if your facility is located near a commercial or industrial area. Even if you’re surrounded by residences and there are no business parks within a 5 to 10 mile radius, you can still offer storage for schools, small business owners, and housing contractors within your vicinity.

Here are some tips on how to make your self-storage facility more enticing to tenants:

  1. Install amenities. Safety against physical deterioration and theft is the leading factor tenants consider when choosing a storage facility. So apart from ensuring that your facility is flood-free, consider equipping it with a climate control and security system. Climate control is necessary for temperature-sensitive items such as goods, electronics, and records. CCTV cameras and sufficient lighting, meanwhile, deter thieves from targeting expensive and valuable items.
  2. Offer more space. Commercial tenants who intend to lease long term usually look for units that give them more room to operate, so if you’re reconstructing in the future, consider the possibility of an expansion. If your lot space proves restrictive, you may remove some walls between smaller units to make room for a bigger one. Even if you earn lower rent per square foot, you’ll benefit from a more stable income because satisfied commercial customers tend to rent longer.
  3. Serve a particular niche. What types of businesses surround your facility? Perth is widely identified with heavy industries including oil, steel, nickel and alumina refineries, and agricultural exports, but the city is also home to educational institutions and research facilities for engineers and scientists. Know which specific need you can fill and redesign your storage facility accordingly.

The main advantage of catering to commercial or industrial tenants is that they tend to rent for extended periods. You can rely on them come payment time because they have the means to pay for the monthly rent. If you decide to embark on this new venture, you can rely on the expertise of brokers from Perth property management firms (such as Brett Halvorson & Associates) who specialise in marketing and preparing tenancy arrangements of commercial properties for lease.



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