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  • 22 -Aug

Why Clients Choose to Do Business with Brett Halvorson & Associates

Acquiring a commercial property entails a major financial investment and sound decision-making. You’ll need to determine whether it makes good business sense, in the long run, to buy, lease or have your Commercial property professionally managed. Partnering with Brett Halvorson & Associates can assist you to make a more informed decision and protect your asset. We offer:

Extensive commercial property experience

The principle of our company Brett Halvorson, has worked with top real estate firms in Perth. Our team has delivered sound advice on areas such as property management, property development, and the sale and leasing of commercial and industrial property. Count on us to help you with your commercial property requirements.

Hands-on business proprietorship

Brett believes in the principle of accountability. His name is on the line, and as such, he takes a hands-on approach to every task. In addition, Brett takes full responsibility for fulfilling every client’s needs instead of handing key decisions down to junior employees.

Integrity and honesty

In the world of commercial real estate, it can be tempting to make profit-oriented choices that do not necessarily have every client’s best interests at heart. However, our clients’ needs are of paramount importance to us. We won’t urge you to buy or lease a property just so we can earn a fee. We carry out our business with the utmost integrity and honesty providing sound advice without fear or favour.


Commercial real estate is a vibrant and exciting business. Brett Halvorson has a passion for the industry and has experienced many boom and bust cycles. His genuine commitment and desire to provide personal service and sound , honest advise to his clients has inspired the people around him.


Before we even propose options to our clients, we first put ourselves in their shoes. This way, we know exactly what they want and what they need. We take matters to heart, and put our best efforts toward helping our clients achieve successful outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

Think we have what you are looking for in a commercial real estate firm? To learn more, call us at 61-89246-5469 or e-mail us at bhalvorson@iinet.net.au.

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